from the picture book SMON SMON
pencil, ink, watercolor on paper

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Bilderbuchpreis 2018 / Jury der Jungen Leser / Literaturraum Wien
Beste 7 Buecher fuer junge Leser Februar 2018 / Deutschlandfunk
Josef-Guggenmos-Preis Empfehlungsliste 2018
White Raven 2018 / International Youth Library Munich

Originals from the book will be exhibited at
the Original Art Exhibit 2018 / Society of Illustrators NY
Le Immagini della Fantasıa 36 / Mostra Internazionale d’Illustrazione per l’Infanzia Italy

German Edition
Smon Smon
published by NordSüd Verlag January 2018
ISBN: 9783314104152

English Edition
Smon Smon
published by NorthSouth Books NY March 2018
ISBN: 9780735843073

Italian Edition
Smon Smon
published by Orecchio Acerbo May 2018
ISBN: 9788899064822

Korean Edition
published by Booklight July 2019
ISBN: 9788962192902

Japanese Edition
published by Iwanamishoten Tōkyō October 2019
ISBN: 9784001126860

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