Illustrations from the Picture Book The Gift of the Magi

Available in the following languages:

German Edition
Das Geschenk der Weisen
published by Minedition 2013
ISBN: 9783865661746

English Edition USa
The Gift of the Magi
published by Minedition USA 2013
ISBN: 9789888240579

English Edition UK
The Gift of the Magi
published by Minedition HongKong 2013
ISBN: 9789881595546

French Edition
Le cadeau des rois mages
published by Minedition France 2013
ISBN: 9782354132101

Italian Edition
Il Dono dei Magi
published by Minedition Italy 2013
ISBN: 9788897989202

Korean Edition
크리스마스 선물
published by Jakkajungsin 2015
ISBN: 9788972889083

Russian Edition
Дары волхвов
published by Ripol Classics 2016
ISBN: 9785386086992

Bulgarian Edition
Даровете на влъхвите
published by Labyrinth Books 2017
ISBN: 9786197055382

Ukrainian Edition
Дари волхвів
published by Nebo Booklab Publishing 2017
ISBN: 9786177537211

Chinese Edition
published by Tianlue Books Co.,Ltd.2017
ISBN: 9787559608543

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